Common Death Bloodline

Death Uncommon Bloodline (Evolvable) (0/50 Rarer or greater).

Avatar of Death: Transform the main body, powered by death. All Death Attack, Darkness Attack, Time Attack, Poison Attacks, damage +50%. Consumes 1 Death point per five seconds.
Death Tempering: Tempers the main body through death. Consumes 1 Death point.
Death End: Able to know the time of the death of any living being. Able to know the cause of the death.
Wielder of the Death:  Unlock Death Talent. Death Talent: 1-Yellow.
Wielder of the Darkness: Unlock Darkness Talent. Darkness Talent: 3-Orange. 
Wielder of Time: Unlock Time Talent. Time Talent: 3-Orange
Wilder of Space: Unlock Space Talent. Space Talent: 3-Red